YouTube Signup and Upload Video on YouTube

YouTube is one place where you can upload your videos and these videos will be safe placed for a longer time, your CD can damage, your Marriage DVD can be damage or lost, but videos on YouTube will never damage or lost, you can upload your video in few minutes. You can make your video public or private. There are millions of daily upload of videos on YouTube and many people watch these videos frequently. Videos are available in many categories like movies, fun, TV shows, live shows, songs, music, children rhymes, technologies, English speaks, temples, games, cricket, news, movie trailers and many other categories. You can upload videos of your activity, activity of your child, and any short movie of 15 minutes, short 15 min movie of any function or program and You can be big hit on YouTube and popular in few months on YouTube.You will be appreciated by others viewers for putting a awesome video.

How to Signup in YouTube :

  • Open
  • Click on Create account from right top corner
  • Provide your Gmail address or any email Id
  • Enter username – This is actually YouTube Username and also created as a Channel name, Choose meaning full username, which should describe your channel, for an example IPL Channel, as you providing username, YouTube creates a channel name with same username in form of a URL.

        See below examples of IPL channel, here indiatimes is YouTube Username and also indiatimes is a    channel name.

  • Choose location and other details, Click on Accept button, your YouTube Account will be created.

How to Upload Video(s) :-

You can login in YouTube account by providing your YouTube Username or channel Name and also you can enter your Gmail ID in place of YouTube Username which will be associated with this account.

  • Login in your YouTube account using a Gmail ID or YouTube Username, you will be redirected to YouTube.
  • Click on Upload Button from Top, choose quality video from your computer,While video will process, you enter title of Video, Description, Tags, Select Category, make video Public or Private, click on save changes, after few minutes a Video URL will be generated and now you can watch any time your video on YouTube and if you have made this video public then other viewers will also be able to view your video, if you made it private then you can share this video individually by inviting to other using a recipient email id.

Look at Few Videos :

Hindi Song : Papa Mein Choti Se Badi Ho Gayi

Children’s English Rhymes : Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Salman’s Ready Movie Song : Main Karoon To Sala Charector Dheela Hai


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