Why AdChoices Instead of Ads By Google – AdChoices is Ads Preferences

Google has given now power to each visitor to select ads category base on his preferences.The visitor can make setting of any ads category through clicking on AdChoices Triangular Icon, The User will be educated about Google Adsense, Google Adwords and also He will able to make changes in seeing ads settings based on categories, User will able to remove and add categories. After making these setting, Ads Choices setting will store in the browser cookie and when user will navigate the website then He will see ads only base on his preferences, it seems a big change which can make big impact on publisher revenue.Google is trying to display  more relevant ads as per visitors choices.

Google earlier was displaying Google ads based on contents of websites, previous navigated websites, Google search query, and Visited websites, now Google Team added one more thing – User Interest based ads.

User Interest based Advertise is called AdChoices or Ad Preferences.When user will click on AdChoices then no revenue will generate and will  redirect to Google Adsense Support Page.When user will click on any ad then only amount will credit to Google Adsense Account.

Google made label change to attract visitors to educate about ads Preferences setting.Currently Google is displaying AdChoices for Text Links and Image Ads, This Label not get changed for Unit Links, still remains ads by Google.

Note: Publisher can not disable or remove add choices icon, it run by Google itself designed by Ad Choices Team.

Interest based Setting in  Publisher Adsense Account -:
Publisher can make settings from My Account Tab in Google Adsense Account for not showing ads base on interest based, Google will try to pull the ads based on website contents only if chosen do not allow interest based ads, however selection & deselection of this could make huge impact on publisher revenue, some publisher are getting more revenue after selecting the Interest Based Ads, how some of few publisher got revenue generated only 40 or 50 % in comparison of last revenues.

Check Impact of Revenue in Targeting Types Report in Adsense Account -:
Google introduces targeting types reports which shows the revenue data for each targeting ads based on
keywords or text , Website or Page URL, and User Interest setting based cookie.

Do You Earn Money when Adchoices is clicked instead of Adsense -:
Yes, you will earn money even adchoices ads are displaying on Your website, but you won’t get the money when Adchoies Icon will be clicked since it is allowing to user the change ads preferences.


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