What is SEO?

It was essential to write me on SEO.Basically SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization, By which websites improve their position in search engine rankings. The concept behind doing SEO on a websites or blog is to increase the position in the search engine rankings and by which you get the more visitor for your website or blog and it will come in top result while search done.

SEO is an important key factor of a website or a Blog, and before you build any site, it is recommended that you identify related keywords which relates to your blog or website. Google have a very good keyword research tool, I have already written about in previous posts, which you can easily use to find how much web traffic there is for a particular keyword or group of keywords.

If there is a competition in the keywords then there is a tough deal to make your site or bog in the search engine.

Conceptually there are two types of SEO, On-site SEO and Off-site SEO.

Onsite SEO is based on the following factors these are – Tags, Meta-tags, H1 tags and keywords.

Offsite SEO is based on different linking concepts, the more links that point to your site from other Blog or Site and more popular websites are considered by search engine in this case.

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