What is Google Adwords Program

Google adwords  is a again tremendous program which is performed and run by google only , very good business product of google which helps a lot to the advertiser or publisher. Several companies paying money to Google for their advertisement, however this is difficult for google to display all the ads at a glance or on the first page of search result. So google Introduced a wonderful program that is called the google adwords. Using to this program google is charging  money from the advertiser companies and returns good percentage of amounts to the publisher for showing the ads of other publishers from google network.Google is paying to publisher as clicks done on the google ads. This whole concept is based on the algorithm, so google also checks for the valid and invalid clicks. Google is playing a role as an intermediary between you and Advertiser companies, you are not getting direct credit from the advertiser company, and however you are receiving the credit from the google. In this way google adword and Google adsense are good business products of the google which increases revenue of google as well the publisher.

Google Adwords

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