Want to Know Web Traffic on My Website or Blog

The number of visitors and the number of pages viewed by the visitors represent to Web Traffic.The Website traffic is completely based on popularity of web sites and viewed so many times any single page of the site.
Following things increase the website traffic:-

  • Coming regularly number of visitors. 
  • The average number of page viewed per visitor. 
  • How long time page is viewed by the visitor. 
  • How much time spends by the visitor on the site or your blog. 
  • Most viewed pages by the visitor. 
  • Most viewed Home page, Entry page, which you made more attractive. 
  • Easy and Good navigation through out the site. 
  • If any site is referring your site name or site URL on the Page.

Everyone has several questions how many visitors are coming on my website or blog, how many pages are viewed by a visitors, why visitors are leaving my site after visiting a single page, I have made a home page with good layout and user friendly still visitors are not spending much time on my site, which pages or contents do users like most, what are browsers and operating system are used by visitors, from  which location visitors are? To Resolve all queries of webmaster, web publisher Google has designed a tool called Google Analytics.You have to analyze the Google Analytics report and will have to make changes in your blog or website accordingly time to time.

Setup Google Analytics for Your Website :–

  1. Go to Google Analytics (http://www.google.com/analytics/) and sign up for a free account.
  2. While sign up Type the URL of your site and give the name of analytical account for this site or blog.
  3. Paste the HTML code from Google Analytics on your site or blog.
  4. Republish your site or blog.

Your blog or site will be now verified with Google Analytics, and you can use and manage your Analytics account to track the visitors to your site.You can create individual accounts for your different sites or blogs in  same Google analytics account, not need to signup again for the different sites or blogs.You can track several blogs or sites having only with single Google analytics Account. Now your job is to analyze Google analytic data on regular basis to optimize your website or blog.

To Know more see Google Analytics Blog – http://analytics.blogspot.com/


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