Use Keyword Tool For a Relevant Keywords

Google has build up the keyword tool for a Publisher and Advertiser company.

The Google keyword tool facilitates two features –

1. Descriptive words or phrases –

You Provide the any words, phrases, or any line which you want to write in your article or post.

You provide the phrase and click on Get Keyword Ideas, You would get the list of keywords which shows the result of frequency by search engine which are most used while the search.

To see the result you can decide what should be title of the article and content.

2. Website content –

When you select radio button as website content then you need to provide the URL of your Blog or website, you would get as a result the list of the keywords which would be group based keywords list and all the keywords at a glance.

When you click on the group of any common keyword, you would get the list of related more keywords to that, which shows the search volume of search engine.

Apart from it a good feature is – you can find at right side corner, you can add the keywords and download into the Text File, Excel File and CSV file.

You can click on below URL to use the Tool

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