Upload Important Pictures / Images / Photos in Box.net – A Safe Cloud File Server

Your Computer can crashed any time, hard disk can damage any time, your mobile phone can lost or damage any time, you can lost your good pictures.To avoid these hurdles and make safe your memorable pictures and  event, start uploading important photos, videos, files, document on Box.net website which is good cloud file server, providing a free storage of 5 GB per user.You can make safer your images, documents at no cost.You need not to pay single amount of money up to storage of 5 GB, you can store selected photos or Images on server if you are not investing a more money to store online files.If you are running a company then you can buy the more space apart from Free space.

Signup for Box.net account.This is bit same as Google Picasa, however Google Picasa provides free space of only 1 GB per user account. Google Picasa allows to store only images but here you can upload documents, videos and projects codes files, zip folder, etc.There are many big names who are using the box.net successfully.You can access online box.net through the Internet from anywhere, you can upload the files from anywhere, if you are using iPhones then you can make directly upload of your picture, songs, videos on box.net server using a Mobile URL m.box.net or through software which is given by box.net at free of cost.


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