Transfer Money Online From SBI to SBI Bank Account

First we need to add Payee for Making a transfer, adding payee is like adding phone number in your mobile phones.As you can make call any time on saved phone number, any time you can make further payment, Need to register only once in your account.

Steps to Register Third Party Payee / Beneficiary –:

1. Open Website
2. Click on Personal Banking from right side
3. Click on Continue to Login
4. Login to Online SBI with your username and password.
5. Choose Tab Menu Payments / Transfers
6. Select Third Party Transfer
7. Click on link – Click here to add a new third Party
8. Enter Profile Password
9. Enter Name of Payee as per Bank record, Payee is to whom want to transfer money.
10. Enter SBI Account Number
11. Confirm SBI Account Number with entering same account number.
12. Set Max Transfer Limit for this Payee.
13. SMS Alert for new beneficiary will be sent on your mobile number.
14. As you click on Submit Button, One Time SMS Password will be sent on your Mobile for self approval of third parties. If your Mobile is not register with Bank then approval will be process from Bank.
15. You have to approve beneficiary for making a Transaction.

Your Payee / Beneficiary added successfully and approved by you, now you can make money transfer to Payee.

Steps to Transfer Money in Third Party Payee Account -:

1. Select Third Payee transfer and select third payee account from List.
2. Select Payment Option
a) Pay Now – It will proceed for instant payment from today itself and payment will be debited from account today itself.
b) Schedule Later – You can schedule the Payment date and payment will be debited from your account same date.
c) Standing Instruction –You can make payment multiple times for same month after particular days, select start day for making same amount of payment multiple times in repetitive way.

3. Click on Confirm

4. Enter SMS password which has sent on your mobile for validating secure transaction, if fewer amounts to transfer then bank is not sending an SMS password.

After entering SMS password, you will get the Message payment has done successfully, you can check your balance. For Learning transfer process you can transfer 1-100 Rs first.

Don’t / Does for a Money Transfer  –
  • Do not share Internet banking username and both passwords with others, even need not to share with customer care.
  • Do not do any transaction in front of other person.
  • Do not send username and password in Mails to anyone.
  • Do not store username and password in e-mails / mobiles.
  • Do sign out / logout after making a Transaction / Transfer. 
  • Close Browser  completely after making a Transaction / Transfer

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    1. vasu

      Dear Sir,
      Today I Added and transfered money After 5 : 20 PM to another sbi account through third party option. But they didn;t receive any amount. How much time it will take to transfer amount through third party option. Give me solution for this.


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