Transfer Google Analytics to Another Google Account

It is not a quite possible to transfer Google analytics to other Google account, but tricky we can achieve the same, we can add easily a new user as Admin which looks like a sharing Google Analytics account to other person and it provides full rights for a new user to see Google analytics reports. Admin user will work as an owner for the Google Analytics Account.

To add a User as an Admin simply follows below steps –
1. Login in Google Analytics
2. Click on User Manager (Available at the Bottom of the page)
3. Click on Add User
4. Enter a Gmail Address of person who wants to see reports as an Admin or you are providing him rights to access the same report.
5. Select Access Type – choose Account Administrator for making him as admin or owner.
6. Say Save Changes
7. Ask to New user for login in the account, he would be able to see Google Analytics Report same as you were enjoying earlier.

If you want to transfer completely Google Analytics you can delete yourself from user list and you won’t be able to access these profile and reports in future.
Administrator has full rights for your profiles and all reports of Google Analytics


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