Indian Railway – How to Find Real Time Train Location

Indian railway is running more than 11 thousand trains every day and maintaining records of each train in real time, you may inquire any train through and can get a status of your train even the train is running. The Indian Railway is going to launch a new way of finding a specific train with exact location of a running train with an attractive presentation. The main key feature added in, find an exact location of a train. The results of the search are displayed as you type as you had experienced in Google search.

What You Need to Do -:  For  Website Train Enquiry – Click Here

Step 1 – Enter the Train number
Step 2 – Click on All Running Instances
Step 3 – Click on Train Details


Look at above screenshot which I had taken, one good thing that I found about Train Location, the last location of a train is Manak Nagar at 19.59 as a real time train location. I would say technology is moving very fast, whatever we are thinking we are getting developed today and designed. Since our brain makes computer and the brain has no limit to think. That’s why all is happening around us and getting a new way of life every day in terms of technologies.

We believe more in the  technology and will get more new technologies in future. This site is friendly for Smart Phones and Tablet PCs too.  I would say tremendous job, great effort overall and India delivering the best technology today. I have also discussed about NTES app of this website, through this app too, you can also get real time location of your train.

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