Things Needs to Be Check Before Taking Possession of Your New Home

Builders are not delivering the flat as they show Sample flats, sometimes finishing is worst and not good painting, not a good coating of doors etc. so what we need to check before taking possession of your new home, we should keep these below check-list  in our mind and ask to builder if you have got something different.

1. Match with Builder Prospectus –  First match the things with builder prospectus that whatever written in prospectus or promised that got delivered or not.

2. Match with Sample Flat – Compare the look and feel with Sample Flat, in the sample flat many other things are placed, but you have to check all things which was required to fix for your flat as it is mentioned in prospectus or property agent has promised to you.

3. Check All Windows/ Doors  – You have to check the coating and quality of painting, check also all doors are working in open and closing, Also make sure all window glasses or doors are proper without any cracks.

4. Check Wall Seepage – You have to also ensured that all walls are without water and all dry.

5. Check All Switch/ Lights/ Plug – Before possession, Take flat after testing OK of all wiring, ask to builder give me with testing OK for all switches, lights, Fans and all plugs, it may chances that few of them are not working. Check also all required points are given or not.

6. Check Drain System And Water Flowing area – You have to ensure that  water is flowing properly from bathrooms, kitchen, balcony and there is no blockage.

7. Measure Size of rooms – Sometimes builder changes the plan and may be room size is so less then you may check it also and ensure it is as per plan or not.

8. Check Parking – Check Parking area which is allotted to you.

9. Check Floors –  Ensure floor tiles  for all rooms and master bed room as per mentioned in prospectus.

10.  Check Kitchen – There are many builders are providing modular kitchen and semi-modular kitchen, make ensure it is modular kitchen and all things have been provided to you. If not then ask to define the modular kitchen and semi-modular kitchen.

11. Check All Tabs –  Check all tabs of bathrooms, kitchen and balcony and also check water is flowing properly or not.