Take A Look of Google Translator for English Dictionary

A very exciting features developed by Google, we have seen earlier that we were using Google translator for converting one language to other language, Recently Google has provided a additional feature that how to  pronounce any language using Listen Icon on the both side for your both selected languages .

Suppose I want to learn German and know only English then through the Google translator tool you can learn German easily and quickly . We would say this is good dictionary and nice tool which is available for all the languages and you can make good command on any language by using Google translator Tool . You can speak any world language using this tool . I am taking an example of two languages Hindi and English , if you want to speak English and you know only how to speak in Hindi or I would say you are perfect in your country language then type the word in Hindi or in your language in the Google Translator tool and see the exact meaning of this at right side in a English Language or in other language as you want .

  • Translated by Google Translator : English to Hindi :

Google Translator : English to Hindi 

In above Image you are looking that meaning of Onerous in Hindi, you can choose any language to see the meaning of Onerous word as shown above .When you click on left side Listen Icon then it will pronounce the first language English as per above example, and when you click on the right side Listen Icon it will pronounce the other language . Now I am taking another example if we want to check vice versa then see below example .

  • Translated by Google Translator : Hindi to English :-

Google Translator : Hindi to English

In Image 2 , I given word Duvidha its written in Hindi language at the left side and when I translate in to English , I see Dilemma the correct word which will be using for Duvidha in hindi, also we are seeing few more nouns which can be used in place of Dilemma , more than this it’s also tells usage of Dilemma                     word if you click on  right side on link given view detailed dictionary .

Really an amazing feature developed by Google, we all should appreciate Google for making our life easier .
To get Google translator Tool , just Type www.google.com in browser and when you select down arrow on more, you will get first options as a Translate .


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