Steps to Remember Last Page in Adobe Reader While Reading Ebook

Have you ever faced problem while reading your favourite eBook on computer using a software Adobe Reader.Suppose you had read out 10 pages and when you want to read the same ebook for next day then you have to remember the last page number.You will have start that day from page number 11 which you need to remember and enter the same page number in page number box, it will get into 11 page number. Either you have to navigate pages to reach out till page number 11.To avoid this frustrating task you may make simple setting in adobe reader which will help you out remember last viewed page, you need not to bother about remember the page.This is somewhat like a  bookmarking a page in eBook.

Easy Steps to make setting to Remember Automatic Last Viewed Page :-

1. Open a Adobe Reader or PDF ( eBook ).
2. Go to Edit > Preferences or Press CTRL + K

3. Select documents and make setting as shown below in Red out Line
  Make checked for Restore last view settings when reopening documents
4. Say Ok, Now open your eBook (PDF) , go to 3rd page for an example and close the PDF.
5. Open again PDF , now you will see default page that is 3rd page not a 1st Page now.
So enjoy this feature for eBook Readings and Novels, This will apply default for all PDF documents, you can uncheck the setting / option if you not need it.

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