Speaking Stylish and More Speaking is Helpful

Listing out to more speak –

For- I was late to office for there was a traffic jam on the way.
So- Yesterday, I was not well so I did not go to school.
As If- He behaved as if nothing had wrong happened.
Whereas- She is clever whereas his brother is dull.
As soon as- As soon as possible, I will be coming back from market.
In case- In case it will rain tomorrow, there will be no play.
Although- Although he studied well but he could not get the higher rank.
Or- He or I must reach there on time.
Unless- Unless you study, you cannot clear the exam.
Because-  I play Chess because of my favorite sports.
If- If I have time, I will come to your place this evening.
After- After the thief had gone the police arrived.
As- As it was raining, I did not go to the market.
As long as- As long as, I am here you should not worry for anything.
Even though- Even though he is a poor man, he helps others.
As far as- I am concerned, I will not attend his party.What-
What time is it?
What is your mobile Number?
What is your sister name?
What are you saying?
What’s wrong with you?
At what day is the function?
What day is today?
What is your expectation?
What are your hobbies?
What you are looking for?
What are your plans for vacation?
What are you worried about?

Where she lives?
Where we have gone now?
Where is your hometown?
Where are you putting?
Where is your family?
Where is that guy?
Where is your house?
Where are you going?
Where are you calling?
Where from you are speaking?
Where from you are?
Where is your girlfriend now?
Where is your boyfriend home?
Where is your mother?
Where are your friends?

Which is your hometown?
Which bike is yours?
Which is favorite color?
Which is your favorite dress?
Which is his bag?
Which city you like most in India?

When/What Time-
When is the Birthday party?
When is the second round of an interview?
When its last flight to India?
When you get this message?
When she went to India?
When you will come back?
When is your mother anniversary?
When you born?
When they respond?
What time is the school?

Whose car is this?
Whose mobile is in the park?
Whose baby crying in the market?
Whose son’s name is Yash ?
Whose mistake is that?
How are they?
How was the movie?
How are things?
How are you now?
How are the all things?
How you come here?
How you are speaking?
How you are presenting yourself?
How you find the way?
How you got my contact number?
How is everything?
How is the result of your BSc. Exam?
How he is behaving now?
How is she now?
Why are you sad today?
Why are you not answering?
Why you are saying like this?
Why she is going Calcutta by bus?
Why you have borne always?
Why your expectation is high?
Why are you late?
Why you are not coming?
Why you are not attending the phone?
Why you are getting upset?
Why are you annoyed with him?
Who is that woman in black sari?
Who is your sister?
Who are your ideal man or women?
Who is the favorite leader?
Who is your neighbor?
Who is your husband?
Who is your relative?
Who is your favorite Bollywood actress?

Use of Let-
Let me make a call from here.
Let me speak.
Let her try now?
Let me sing my favorite song?
Let me take rest for some time.
Let’s go by train.
Let’s enjoy the rain?
Let’s celebrate the New Year?
Let’s have the party on this weekend.
Let’s wait and see.
Let him go now.
Let’s not talk about it now.
Let’s walk?
Let me carry your bag.
Let me open the door.
Let me help you.
Let him go.
Let him speak.
Let her dance now?
Let him sleep for a while.
They won’t let him quit the job.
Let her/he does it her/his way.
Let me give you an example.
Let me call.
Let me go first?
Let me introduce you to my colleague.

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