Setup an Adsense Account in Blogger

If you are user of  or  then it is very easy to setup an Adsense account since Google has integrated Adsense widget in the blogger itself . I know you are excited to setup Google Adsense in your blog. To get this done you must have an approved Google Adsense account. I will go with below steps to setup the Google ads on your blog –

1. Login in www.blogger .com
2. Click on Design Tab.
3. Look at bottom, “Make Money from your blog. Publish ads with Google Adsense”. 
4. Click on “Publish ads with Google Adsense”.
5. There are four way to display ads –
    i)  Display ads in my sidebar and posts :-  Google Ads will be shown on your side bar and bottom of each  post.
  ii)  Display Ads in Side Bar : – Google ads will be shown in only your side bars.
  iii) Display ads below my posts: – Google ads will be shown only below posts.
  iv) Don’t add new ads. Just Enable Adsense Reporting: – It means you will able to see Adsense earning in  you’re monetize tab in the blog itself.

6. Choose any Options , I am recommending  first option now, you can change it later.
7. As you click , Google ads will be enabled and you will see ads on your blog.

Another easy method to setup Adsense in blog :

1.    Open Design Tab
2.    Add a Gadget
3.    Choose Adsense widget
4.    Choose Google ads format and color combination for Text , background and URL.
5.    Click on Save  – Google Ads will be displayed on your blog immediately.


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