Search Your Name in Voters List by Name, District, Assembly wise

Do you have voter ID card, have you searched your name in voter list. You may search now your name in online state wise voters list through given below links. Good Search engine provided by each electoral offices of all 28 states and 7 Union Territories states.

If not applied yet, and not used your vote till now a single time then apply for Voter ID card first and use power of vote in coming elections.

Vote to Good Party

Your voice counts if you vote. Raise your voice. The only one tool can help you that is Vote and your precious vote helps to choose a better system. Give your contribution, Take leave for the day when voting, go your district to vote. Don’t skip, it’s a only way to raise your voice. Your voice definitely count.

Be Ready with Voting ID Card –  KAHIN DER NA HO JAYE

How to Vote -:

1. Do some analysis with facts and look at development driven government prior voting.

2. If an election of Loksabha then first choose a party rather than choosing a candidate and give a precious vote to that Party to make  good and a stable government of India.

The Party can select a good candidate for Prime Minister only if 272 Lok Sabha seats got achieved by a party and if you still to suppose to give a vote to good candidate rather than party then analyze first  his belonging party is able to make a good government or not.

3. If an Election of Legislative Assembly or State Assembly then you may give a vote on basis of good candidate rather than Party.

                                                  Click To Search – Choose Your State  
  1. ANDHRA PRADESH (Loksabha Seats – 42)
  2. ARUNACHAL PRADESH (Loksabha Seats – 2)
  3. ASSAM (Loksabha Seats – 14)
  4. BIHAR (Loksabha Seats – 40)
  5. GOA (Loksabha Seats – 2)
  6. GUJARAT (Loksabha Seats – 26)
  7. HARYANA (Loksabha Seats – 10)
  8. HIMACHAL PRADESH (Loksabha Seats – 4)
  9. JAMMU KASHMIR (Loksabha Seats – 6)
  10. KARNATAKA (Loksabha Seats – 28)
  11. KERALA (Loksabha Seats – 20)
  12. MADHYA PRADESH (Loksabha Seats – )
  13. MAHARASHTRA (Loksabha Seats – 29)
  14. MANIPUR (Loksabha Seats – 2)
  15. MEGHALAYA (Loksabha Seats – 2)
  16. MIZORAM (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  17. NAGALAND (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  18. ODISHA (Loksabha Seats – 21)
  19. PUNJAB (Loksabha Seats – 13)
  20. RAJASTHAN (Loksabha Seats – 25)
  21. SIKKIM (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  22. TAMIL NADU (Loksabha Seats – 39)
  23. TRIPURA (Loksabha Seats – 2)
  24. UTTAR PRADESH (Loksabha Seats – 80)
  25. WEST BENGAL (Loksabha Seats – 42)
  26. CHHATTISGARH (Loksabha Seats – 11)
  27. JHARKHAND (Loksabha Seats – 14)
  28. UTTARAKHAND (Loksabha Seats – 5)
  1. ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  2. CHANDIGARH (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  3. DADRA NAGAR HAVELI (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  4. DAMAN AND DIU (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  5. DELHI (Loksabha Seats – 7)
  6. LAKSHADWEEP (Loksabha Seats – 1)
  7. PONDICHERRY (Loksabha Seats – 1)

Steps to Get Voter ID Card -:

WATCH Video to Fill Online to get Voter ID

1. Go to Your Electoral Office of your district, Fill one form or You may apply online too, some of government started to apply for voter card online and attach scan copy of ID and address proof while submitting the application through Internet.
2. Submit the form with Address Proof and ID proof.
3. Electoral Officer will verify your address.
4. After a verification, your Voter Id card will be issued at your address.You may see status of Voter ID card online, if you had applied online.You may contact to office through provided Toll Free Number or Email IDs.

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