Search Preview in Google Chrome and Firefox

Google Chrome : Search Preview

New features today added into Google search that is search preview, if you are searching on Google and using Google Chrome Browser or Firefox Browser, You can easily see preview of any website prior to click on a particular search result. Here is one magnifier icon to make on/off search preview for your result. Now design of website, look and feel will mater a lot in the search result. User will decide first which site I need to see, mostly when we are searching something and opening any website and forget the visualization but preview feature will let you know little earlier that you have navigated or gone with this website or not.
This feature will make impact on click through rate (CTR), prior user was looking into Title and Description only and clicking on any result as per his query or requirements, now user can change his mind on basis of search preview screen shots. The screen shots are taken from preview servers and updating time to time as you changed design of your website or blog.

To get this search preview feature you need to install the search preview plug-in for your current browser, if you are using Google chrome or Firefox then you can get easily download extensions /plug-in.

FireFox : Search Preview

Advantages of Instant Search Preview –:

  • Visual comparison –You can quickly decide which website or post are looking best.
  • Showing Call out in orange relevant search – You can see orange thick border line, which indicate that you are searching this content.
  • Loading preview in 1-10 seconds – Time is not taking so much in loading snapshots, so it’s not bad for using.
  • Reminding when further search –  If you forgot any website then through search preview you can easily get it.

Search Preview will not work in Firefox and Google Chrome browser until you will not install the plug in.To download plug-in / Extensions for search preview click below-


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