Real Time Search from Twitter, Google Buzz, Friend Feed, Face Book, Digg

Google has developed a new separate search engine to search from the twitter, Google buzz, friend feed, Facebook and many more sources . It is very good step taken by Google and Google is ahead from all . If you take a look of real time search engine then you will see that you are getting updates as soon as of new information and updates as twits on twitter and buzzes from Google buzz from Gmail any time . We would say this is a special gift given to all twitter users and Gmail users for buzzing articles and updates and it’s an advertisement of their business directly automatic from Real time search engine, it is moreover same like Google search engine, only difference is it gets result from twitter, Google buzz, friend feed, Facebook and Digg . It also takes pages from website and blogs if any new post or article at the same time as you posted and it sets for your real time search engine .

Real time search engine is focused and emphasized on providing you latest information as it posted or written in websites or in any blog. In real time search you can search according your location and current time, you can customize your time and location, according the time and location you will get the result in result set.

You can get latest information for past 24 hours, Past week, Past month, Past Year. It has been easy to search videos, blogs, and shopping items as per current time and latest updated on the website . It is fetching videos from,,,,,

You can also make your search duration based in Short (0-4 min), Medium (4-20 min), and Long (20 + min) times. Last but not least In more, you will able to search also latest news, latest book, latest updates, latest discussion, also it search the business locations from Google Maps, you can get address of any shop or any industry very easily.

To enjoy this new introduced feature just click here

Note – Real Time Search is shut down by Google on July 2, 2011 when deal got expired with twitter.


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