Railway and IRCTC Tatkal Booking Time Frame 10 AM to 12 PM

Railway and IRCTC have changed the timing of Tatkal Booking and now onward this time is 10 AM instead of 8 AM and it will be applied till 12 PM for all people excepting agents . A railway Tatkal booking window  will open from 10 A.M morning.You need not to go so early on railway window to book the Tatkal ticket. If you do online Tatkal reservation then  from the same IP address only two tickets will be allowed to book in a Tatkal Ticket Time Frame. When we tried at 8 A.M today then got below message. The new time has effected from July 10, 2012.
IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Frame
IRCTC agents can book the ticket after 12 P.M and the same rules apply to them too. Apart from it, IRCTC has managed server to tackle with online traffic load. But still that there is less chance to get an online Tatkal ticket now.You will know that Tatkal booking started one day in advance from journey date and Time is 10 AM now.

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