Quick Start Google AdSense Revenue Sharing Program

If you don’t have knowledge of website creating, build web traffic, even not know HTML, no any idea how to write a blog or website then you can start with a Google adsense revenue sharing programs.It is very genuine program which gives a good percentage of  revenue share for writing something on others blog or websites. These blogs or websites are based on various topics.You can write about  the Resources ,  Entrance , can post any job , trainings , technical expertise , college details , school details , question papers , FAQ, fresher jobs, about employer, can share photos , can uploading videos etc. There are so many websites which has association with Google adsense program and providing revenue share on basis on user contribution on the website or blog. The tracking of the adsense Revenue directly handled by the Google only. If you have existing Google adsense account with you then you can start very quick and otherwise you have to wait for the some time ,apply for the google adsense account from google adsense revenue sites itself. But do after making a little contribution to the website or blog, write something on their blog or website then after apply for the Google adsense program,As google adsense team and revenue sharing program websites approved you in the system to look at your efforts and contribution.You will be earning to get the money in your Google adsense account.

To know more in the detail click here http://code.google.com/apis/adsense/revenuesharing.html

Start with below websites running a genuine revenue sharing program :
1.       http://indiastudychannel.com/adsense/ – A Knowledge Sharing
2.       http://www.flixya.com/revenue-share-program – A Video, photo uploading
3.       http://www.dotnetspider.com/adsense/          – Technical Knowledge, Interview Questions, Jobs Posting etc.
4.       http://hubpages.com/tour/affiliate/  – Hub Pages
5.       http://www.trendhunter.com/faq#_Toc143263544  – Trend Hunter Website
6.       http://www.shareyourexpertise.com/node/1229       – Share your Expertise

I will update more on the same if I got to know more genuine websites.


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