Open Utilities, Softwares, Websites, Documents From Run Commands

Sometimes its difficult to search software from all program list or from system, to access a quick in a easy manner, we can remember a few run commands which will make help to access many useful utilities and softwares.

To Run Commands , Click Start then Select Run or Press Window Key + R,

Suppose if You want to open a Notepad then type notepad and press enter, notepad will open quickly, you need not to go in accessories to find out the Notepad, there are many others useful commands which could be also try instead.

Other than commands, you can open documents, websites, folders thorough Run Command Window.

Run Commands

List of few useful Run commands –

    • Open Add or remove programs              appwiz.cpl
    • Open Calculator                                     calc
    • Open Computer Properties                     sysdm.cpl
    • Open Mouse Settings                             main.cpl
    • Open Sound Properties                           mmsys.cpl
    • Run Check Disk Utility                            chkdsk
    • Open Clipboard Viewer                          clipbrd
    • Open Command Prompt                         cmd
    • Open Control Panel                                 control
    • Open Date and time properties                 timedate.cpl
    • Open Disk Cleanup Utility                        cleanmgr
    • Open Disk Defragment                            dfrg.msc
    • Open Display Properties                         desk.cpl
    • Open Event Viewer                                 eventvwr
    • Open Firewall Settings                            firewall.cpl
    • Open Microsoft Access                          access
    • Open Microsoft Excel                            excel
    • Open Microsoft Outlook                        outlook
    • Open Microsoft Paint                             mspaint
    • Open Microsoft PowerPoint                   powerpnt
    • Open Microsoft Word                            winwordw
    • Open Notepad                                        notepad
    • Open Internet Properties                         inetcpl.cpl
    • Open Regional and Language Settings intl.cpl
    • Open Network Connections                   ncpa.cpl

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