Net Secure Code With An SMS From Axis Bank

Axis bank have issued a secure service and process to verify a customer for each transaction and this service gets to know user is actual user or owner of this account. If someone trying to use anyone account or stolen login and password, still he can not transfer his funds since net secure code have sent as SMS to you on your mobile. Until this code will not enter, a transaction can not be complete.

It is very good and secure service which protects your funds.To get Net Secure service you should have your account with Fund Transfer or Iconnect facility or will able to transfer money to someone . If you do not have fund transfer facility then go to any local axis bank branch and fill iConnect form there to get the fund transfer facility .You will be getting fund transfer facility after 3-4 days.If you have got fund transfer facility then you can easily make a request for net secure facilities from internet itself through Axis Bank website.You will be logged in Axis Bank site , you will be asked / prompted to choose net secure facilities. There are 3 netsecure facilities options with different charges and providing a secure service.

Have a look on below 3 Secure Services-
1.   1.Net Secure with an SMS :-
This is very good service with cheapest charges, for applying this service simply you need to click on this after login in and service will apply as instant you click on Netsecure with an SMS Option . Only thing is required here that your mobile should registered first with the Bank .If you are recieving SMS on  your mobile when your account credited or debited then it means your mobile is registered .If your mobile is not registered then go to your local nearest branch and make register your mobile first prior to apply for Net Secure with an SMS service.Netsecure code is called sometimes SMS Token also.
In this service when you want to do any transaction you will receive instantly a Net secure code on your mobile for the verification and this is procedure of checking the right person / owner of this account which you need to enter along with your credentials login and password in net secure code box. Net Secure code is 8 digit  number and as you will enter the correct net secure code you will redirect to next page . You can request for other net secure code if you are not able to get an SMS on the Time . Net secure code expires after each 50 seconds automatically . So it’s become invalid code after 50 seconds if not used with in the time .You have to use the same code with in the given time limit of 50 second otherwise it will expire automatically .Sometimes due to network problem if you are not getting an SMS from Axis Bank then wait for a netsecure code, It will indicate you that network is freeze now, this time you can make further try to make your transaction with new netsecure code definetly it will work.

2.   2.Net Secure with Web Pin :-
This service is registering the specific computer with the bank, which computer you are using a lot for the bank transaction or your home/private computer . You will getting the web pin after registering the service and you will be asked to enter the web pin to generate the single usage net secure code which will be putting instantly at the same time while you are providing your username and transaction password with Web Pin . In this service you can not make transaction with others computers which are not registered in Net Secure with Web Pin. If you want to do transaction with other computer then you will have to deregister first computer then can make further registration of other computer.

3. Net Secure with 1-Touch :-

This service is basically small device based service which you will get device through postal mail as you will apply for this service . This small device generates a random number as you press the single button on the device . When you are going to make the transaction then you need to get the number from the device and need to put this number ( net secure code ) along with username and Transaction password while making transaction .

In Above all 3 Netsecure services, most common used NetSecure service is Net Secure with an SMS and the charges are also less compare to other services.

If you are going outside of country then ,will be good to have a service of Net Secure with 1-Touch since SMS will be not sent you over there and So to do transfer from abroad apply for Net Secure with 1 touch service.Only you have to carry extra small device for making a transaction.

Anyhow if you are not able to get the SMS then you get the Netsecure code through the IVR on your Mobile.

You can also register and apply for net secure through the ATM by using ATM machine . Select the Net secure with an SMS options using any axis bank ATM .

Use of Netsecure Through IVR  – 

When you are not getting SMS of net secure code with in 90 seconds, then you can use Netsecure through IVR, this button enabled only after 90 seconds. The Call will come on your mobile , and will let you know about your Netsecure code which you have to enter on this page.


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  1. Yogesh Bajpai

    Invalid credentials means either your login id is wrong or your password, if you have not used your internet banking username & password from beginning then contact to your local bank branch, and explain the issue they will provide you new password.It might be reason that your password got expired you have not used even single time.


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