My Website Traffic Has Gone Completely After A Domain Expiration

Mistakenly My domain got expired and I did not checked the date of domain expiration and forget to renew domain on the time, As I bought the domain from Google , So Google had sent mail me about to renew domain, but I did not check the mail, when I checked the mail my domain got expired and I was late by 6 days.When I renewed the domain and tried to search my site in Google it was not there and all traffic were gone already, today I am writing this post to make awareness to all of you that after domain expiration, it is not only renew of a domain even restarting further from zero stage to get the traffic, It is huge loss of any publisher if once domain get expired, along with expiration of domain , disappeared traffic from a Search of website is a big loss.Google must retain the same traffic after renew of a domain if domain owner is same.Webmaster Team must work on this issue, this is big problem for each publisher and webmasters as well.
Please put any alert of next renew of your domain so you won’t skip it, use Google Alert, Calender alert or SMS alert.

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