Multiple Sign-in or Login in Gmail Without Sign Out to Existing One

Google has added feature of Multiple Sign-in so we can sign in other Gmail account too even without sign out to existing one and simultaneously  we can check mails from both account as well.So for we will be considered signed up in both account at the same time, you can switch the account from One Gmail account to Other Gmail account quickly and easily.This feature is saving the time of a person who has multiple Gmail accounts.

Steps to Use Multiple Sign in –

1. Login in Gmail Account and Click on Account Setting, you must be enabled Multiple Sign On for your Gmail account.
Click on Account Settings

2. Make On Multiple Sign-in

Click on Edit to Make on Multiple Sign-in
3. After Making On multiple sign-in, and saving the settings, Press F5 button to refresh the Gmail Account.You will see the switch account option available.This option is only available in those Accounts which has Multiple Sign-in as On.Click on switch Account to make sign-in in other Gmail Account.

Click on Switch Account

4. Click to Sign in to another Account

Click to Sign in to Another Account
5. After Sign in another you will see the signed gmail id on Swtich account , you can make toggle switching between one account to other account and can read mails from both the account simultaneously.
6. You can make sign out of all accounts after using this feature.

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