Most 8 Google Adsense and Adwords terms

I want to educate you now about the some technical terms which are used in Google adsense earning calculations:

1. Page Impressions : It means the number of pages those are visited.

2. Page CTR % : It is called click through rate, below is formula to calculate it

CTR % = (No of clicks / page Impression) * 100

Outcome will come in percentage.

3. Page eCPM : It is the cost per 1000 page impressions and it is calculated by dividing total estimated earnings by the number of impressions in thousands.

Page eCPM = (Total Estimated Earning / Page Impressions) *1000

I want to educate also few more terms which are basically used in Google Adwords Campaign running:

4. Clicks : Count of clicks which are clicked on you’re running ads which you have been set by Google Adwords account.

5. Impressions : The no of total impressions of your advertise on others publishers sites.

6. CPC : This is cost per click which is decided by you while creating an google adwords account or can be in auto mode to set automatically. It indicates when someone click on your ads which are running on publisher sites then your account would be debited by cost per click amount automatically which is set by you.

7. Cost : This is an advertise cost which you are paying.

8. Budget : This is daily budget which is decided by the advertiser.


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