Make Custom Redirect for Deleted or Renamed URL in Blogger

If you are getting 404 errors in Google webmaster for deleted pages or renamed URL and want to handle this error then you can resolve it making some settings in blogger.Steps –
1. Login in blogger account
2. Go into Settings > Search Preferences

Blogger - Search Preferences


3. Go in Error and redirection section –

Errors and redirection in Blogger


4.Error and redirection contains two things “custom page not found” and “custom redirects”, you may change first custom page not found with any message as ” Sorry ! Page Not Found, Search My Blog Or or provide a  fancy HTMLTML to display a message.This message will display if someone typed the wrong URL in browser.

5. Custom redirects –

    This is used when you had deleted the post or renamed the URL for the post then we have to make settings here with old URL the new URLURL.

After deleting or renaming the URL, required to make all custom redirect for other URL, see below examples as shown here –

Custom Redirects in Blogger

Here is “From” indicates to old URL Link and “To” to New URL Link. I had renamed the URL and when I tried to see the browsing the same URL, I got the 404 error, so to avoid this I had given here new URLs after renamed or deleted.

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