Link Your 17 Digit LPG ID Online in SBI Account

17 Digit LPG ID is basically unique LPG Customer ID all over India and you get it easily from LPG websites. I have written in one of the post about to find the 17 digit LPG ID online. Once you get 17 digit LPG ID, you may linked this with your online SBI internet banking account. If you do not have an Aadhaar with you still you can get subsidy amount via linking 17 digit LPG ID with bank and same 17 digit LPG Id with your LPG GAS Provider. Go there and fill form to mention 17 digit LPG ID with your consumer number.

Go with below steps to link your 17 digit LPG ID with online SBI Account.

Steps to Link Your 17 Digit LPG ID Online in SBI Account

1. Find the 17 Digit LPG ID from Online LPG Website

2. Open online SBI Internet banking account – Login in online SBI Account with your user id and password.

3. In Account section , there is link to link LPG customer Id with your State Bank of India Account. Click this.

Link Your 17Digit LPG ID With SBI Bank

4. Select Your SBI Account Number, Enter Your Mobile Number, 17 Digit LPG Customer ID, Re-Enter 17 Digit LPG Customer ID and click to submit.

5. Enter OTP Number , sent on your mobile.

6. Note down reference number for future reference. Your LPG ID will be linked with in 5 days.