Learn Uses of Used to and Be Used To

Used to basically used to explain about your past activity, any task or job which you were doing in the past not in the present.
I will take few good examples to understand clearly that when you will use “used to” in your conversation.Understand below examples and make it practice day by day while you are talking with others and try to form new sentences with new verbs or add something new which you want to explain to others about your past activity.

1. I used to go office by bus but I go by car now.
    मै बस से ऑफिस जाया करता था लेकिन अब  कार से जाता हूँ |
2. We used to play cricket.
    हम क्रिकेट खेला करते थे |
3. When I was bachelor I used to watch one movie in a week.
    जब मै बेचलर था हफ्ते में एक मूवी देखा करता था |
4. He used to come here before. 
    वह पहले यहाँ आया करता था |
5. You used to live in Delhi then.
    तुम तब दिल्ली में रहते थे |
6. He used to lie to get done work from someone. 
    वह किसी से काम  लेने के लिए झूट बोलता था |
7.  He always used to carry notepad in the meeting. 
     वह हमेशा मीटिंग में नोट बुक ले  जाता था |
8. You always used to forget to bring a book. 
     तुम हमेशा बुक लाना भूल जाते थे |
How you to make the same above sentences with negative statement and Introgative statement. see Examples in 9 and 10 .
9.  You used not to go there before.
     तुम पहले वहा नहीं जाते थे |
10.Used you to watch movie before? or Did you use to watch movie before.
      क्या तुम पहले मूवी देखते थे |
In the 10 , you can make the same using did as well with first form use in place of used.      

A big difference in “Be Used to” with using “Used to”. As I told earlier Used to used for describing something which had finished in the past and you are telling in the present.But ” is used to “, ” am used to “, ” was used to ” , ” were used to ”  is used to explain habits of current,past and future.

Now a days “Get used to” and “become used to” is much used in place of “Be used to”.

I will take few good examples which will make you clear.

1. I am used to Tea.
   मुझे चाय की आदत है |
2.We are used to these things.
    हमे इन बातो की आदत है |
3. I got used to work late night.
   मुझे देर तक काम करने की आदत हो गयी है |
4. I became used to speak loudly.
    मुझे तेज बोलने की आदत हो गयी है |

So make practice of forming more new sentences in your way and use those same in your conversation when needs of it.


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