Learn Uses of Propositions – After, About, Above, Across, Against, Around

For speaking in English,it is very required first learning how to use propositions, where you need to fit these propositions in between of any sentences.Prepositions are beauty of an English language which helps a lot while you are speaking.I had taken few example below, which describes itself how to use preposition while speaking in English. Make practice of these and form many more new sentences.

1. After
Who will play after you ?
तुम्हारे बाद कौन खेलेगा |

After completing this work I will start another work.
इस काम को करने के बाद मै दूसरा काम शुरू करूँगा |

After you who will run this school.
तुम्हारे बाद इस स्कूल को कौन सभालेगा |

I will eat after you.
मै तुम्हारे बाद खाऊंगा |

We went our home after diwali.
हम दिवाली के बाद अपने घर गए |

2. About

I am about 60 Kg.
मै लगभग ६० किलो का हूँ |

You don’t worry about him, I will take care.
तुम उसकी चिंता मत करो मै ख्याल रखूँगा |

I run daily about 5 Kilometer.
मै लगभग ५ किलोमीटर रोज दोड़ता हूँ |

We reached over there at about 9 in the night.
हम रात मै ९ बजे के आसपास वहां पर पहुचे |

What do you think about yourself.
तुम अपने बारे में क्या सोचते हो |

3. Above

There is a painting above wall watch.
दीवाल घडी के ऊपर पेंटिंग है |

My Name was above in the toppers list.
मेरा नाम टापर्स लिस्ट में ऊपर था |

You should value your family above all this.
तुम्हे इन चीजों से ज्यादा अपनी फैमिली को महत्व देना चाहिए |

Sharma Ji lives just above us.
शर्मा जी ठीक हमारे ऊपर रहते हैं |

The Temperature is above 42 today.
आज तापमान ४२ से ऊपर है |

4. Across

I went across tunnel.
मै गुफा से गया |

My office is across the road.
मेरा ऑफिस सड़क के उस पार है |

You cannot swim across this river.
तुम इस नदी को तेरकर पार नहीं कर सकते हो |

A new bridge is being built across the sea.
समुद्र पर नया पुल निर्माण हो रहा है |

5. Against

I was not against you.
मै तुम्हारे विरोध में नहीं था |

Domestic violence is against the law.
घरेलु हिंसा कानून के विरूद्ध है |

He was against this decision.
वो इस निर्णय के विरूद्ध में था |

6. Along

I will come along my mother.
मैं अपनी माँ के साथ जाऊगी |

My bike was parked along bridge.
मेरी बाईक पुल के किनारे खडी थी |

Have you brought your note book along?
क्या तुम अपनी नोट बुक लाये हो |

7. Around

I will come around 3.
मैं तीन बजे के आस पास आऊगी |

He sits around me.
वो मेरे पास बैठता है |

Shipra mall is around the food bazar.
शिप्रा  माल फ़ूड बाजार के पास है |

My son is around 2 year.
मेरा बेटा २साल का है |

Keep forming new sentences and using while speaking, one day you will speak a lot.


2 thoughts on “Learn Uses of Propositions – After, About, Above, Across, Against, Around

  1. rekha sharma

    hello sir, i don’t understand where is the use of propositions. plz clarify some sentences such as, about, above. plz educate me.

  2. Yogesh Bajpai

    Rekha , I didn’t go with Grammar portion, but I can say you analyze the sentences which i had already given in the examples. Make practice on only 2-3 of them, for rest of try to prepare yourself and make further use, you will get good result in a day.


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