Learn Uses of Has to, Have to and Had to

Has to, Have to : are another way of speaking which we need to use when any task you need to finish after some time or you had taken decision that I have to do it any how or someone has suggested you as a mandatory that you have to do it any how for the today or in the future.
Had to: is another way of speaking which is used when any action not did till now or have forgotten to do it, then we are using “Had to”.
Don’t have to / does n’t have to: is also another way of speaking which is used for action which is either not going to complete or not need to do it. We can say this is basically used when any one is denying performing any action.
Note: Generally when we are using “to” and any verb we need to put after that then verb’s first form comes. I am taking few examples which will elaborate  ways of speaking.
1. I have to think on this.
   मुझे इस बात पर विचार करना है |
2. I have to prepare lunch right now.
    मुझे अभी लंच बनाना है |
3. I have to finish this work anyhow by end of day.
    मुझे किसी भी तरह से दिन के अंत तक  यह वर्क फिनिश करना है |
4. He has to clean the house today.
    उसे आज घर की सफाई करनी है |
5. I have to go on foot.
    मुझे पैदल जाना पड़ता है |
6. I have to inform him today.
     मुझे आज उसे इन्फोर्म करना है |
7. He has to return form to bank tomorrow.
    उसे कल फॉर्म बैंक को वापस करना है |

1. He had to leave the job.
     उसे जॉब छोडनी पड़ी |
2.  I had to deposit 5000 rupees in my account yesterday.
      मुझे कल मेरे अकाउंट में ५००० रूपये जमा करने थे |
3. You had to respond him yesterday itself.
       तुम्हे उसे कल ही जवाब देना था |
 4. Had you to wait long.?
       क्या तुम्हे बहुत देर तक इन्तजार करना पड़ा |
 5. You had to tolerate all this because of me.
        तुम्हे मेरी वजह से ये सब सहना पड़ा |
6. You had to call his family for lunch today.
       तुम्हे आज लंच में उसके परिवार को बुलाना था |
7. She had to perform classical dance.
       उसे क्लास्सिकल डांस करना था |

1. I do not have to phone him.
      मुझे उसे फ़ोन नहीं करना है |
2. I did not have to sell house.
       मुझे घर नहीं बेचना पड़ा |
3. We do not have to come college tomorrow.
      हमें कल कॉलेज  नहीं आना है |
4. I did not have to go office yesterday.
      मुझे कल ऑफिस नहीं जाना था |


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