Learn Uses of Could have, Should have, Would have, Will have

I will be covering could have, should have, would have and will have in this post.These way of speakings make to the people very confused.I will be taking few examples which will help you lot to make clear difference in all.

Uses of could have –
Could have used basically used when any task or work have not done and someone is capable to do it.

1. You could have watched movie.
    तुम मूवी देख सकते थे |
2.  He could have run more.
    तुम और दोड़ सकते थे |
3. You could have caught him.
     तुम उसे पकड़ सकते थे |
4. You could have done better.
      तुम अच्छा कर सकते थे |
5.  They could have done hard work.
     वे कठिन मेहनत कर सकते थे |
6.   She could have decorated her home.
     वह अपना घर सजा सकती थी |
7.  You could have used my laptop.
      तुम मेरा लैपटॉप ले सकते थे |

Uses of should have –

should have just similar to could have only difference is that it is use when someone is talking about the past event which is not completed or done.We can say this is suggestion which is not done.

1. You should have participated in annual function.

    तुम्हे वार्षिक उत्सव मे भाग लेना चाहिए था |
2. They should have attended the meeting.
    उन्हें मीटिंग मे उपस्थित होना चाहिए था |
3. She should have responded.
    उसे उत्तर देना चाहिए था |
4. You should have phoned me yesterday.
     तुम्हे कल फ़ोन करना चाहिए था |
5. You should have opened a grocery shop.

    तुम्हे ग्रोसरी शॉप खोलनी चाहिए था |
6.  She should have sung.
     उसे गाना चाहिए था |
7. She should have worn new sari.
     उसे नयी साडी पहननी चाहिए था |
     Uses of Will Have to-
When any action or task we have to do in the future then we are using will have to.
1. I will have to see.
    मुझे देखना होगा |
2. You will have to wait hour long at airport.
    तुम्हे एअरपोर्ट पर घंटा भर इन्तिज़ार करना पड़ेगा |
3. You will have to come daily on time.
    तुम्हे रोज समय पर आना पड़ेगा |
4.  I will have to put luggage on the roof of the bus.
     मुझे सामान बस की छत पर रखना पड़ेगा |
5.  You will have to work harder.
     तुम्हे और हार्ड वर्क करना होगा |
6. We will have to keep in mind this.
    हमें यह ध्यान में रखना पड़ेगा |
7. I will have to think.
    मुझे सोचना पड़ेगा |
Keep forming new sentences.One day your brain will speak a lot in English. 



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