Learn to Use IRCTC eWallet for Booking a Railway Ticket

What is IRCTC eWallet – 

IRCTC eWallet is a method to deposit an amount in advance and you may utilize it when you book your ticket. So using this you will able to skip a long process of internet banking payments or credit card payments. This will reduce the occurrences of payment failure errors. Once you will reach to eWallet payment option during booking a ticket then there are many chances to get a ticket without payment failure.  However this facility will not available in morning time 8 A.M to 12 P.M and Tatkal tickets cannot be done using IRCTC eWallet method.

Purpose of IRCTC eWallet –

IRCTC has launched eWallet  which helps to IRCTC user to book a general ticket during a Peak hours time and to avoid the payment failure error. This option is available on Plan My Travel page, You may avail this option by registering and providing your Pan Card number with a registration fess of 250 Rs only. After registration You may deposit amount from your internet banking account and max limit set to deposit amount in eWallet is 5000 Rs and Minimum amount 100 Rs.

Steps to Use IRCTC eWallet –

1. Sign in IRCTC Portal and Register First using a link on Plan Travel Page.

2. After successful registration, You may deposit amount in this eWallet through Internet banking.

3. You may utilize IRCTC eWallet as payment option while doing a payment for your booked ticket.

Question Answers –

1. Can we book Tatkal Ticket using eWallet option ?

Ans – No, You cannot book a Tatkal Ticket using eWallet option and eWallet will not be available in peak hours from 8 A.M to 12 P.M.

2. Can we get refund back deposited amount from IRCTC wallet into my bank account ?

Ans – No, You may utilize the same amount to book your tickets but it is not refundable to your bank account.

3. If I use eWallet for booking a railway ticket and now I if cancel my ticket then where refund amount will go ?

Ans – Yes, it is refundable and amount will be credited back in your IRCTC eWallet. You may check your balance in IRCTC wallet.