Learn Online Indian Railway Ticket Reservation and Make Payment Through IRCTC Website


India is growing rapidly in terms of technologies, more than 100 crores people in India, in which there are very few who knows about technologies, There are many who don’t know even what Internet can do for us, how this can make our life so easier.Still we are going to reservation counter and we have to wait in queue for  getting a railway reservation .Now we will have to educate to peoples and will have to update the awareness, So whole India can utilize these tremendous technologies at huge level and finally each people able to save own precious time using an Internet.

For making online Reservation , first you need to signup in IRCTC website and need to provide your details.Go with below steps which has clearly mentioned how to do signup in IRCTC website.IRCTC website is a website which is handled by an Indian Railway and it’s full name is Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.

Onetime Sign up for IRCTC Website :-

1. Open IRCTC Website www.irctc.co.in
2. Click on Sign up link and Sign up form
3. Choose User name, Password, Confirm Password, Security Question, Maximum 10 Characters only allowed for User name and password.
4. Your Answer: – This will be an answer of a security question which helps you to get the password if you forgot the password.
5. Write First Name, Last Name, Gender and Marital Status, Date Of Birth, Occupation, Email ID, Mobile Number, Nationality.
6.  Fill your Residential address with City, State, Pin/Zip, Country, Phone Details.
7. If you want to choose residential address as treat as office address then select yes else No.
8. If selected No then fill your Office Address
9. If you want to get other services then Choose Yes else No.
10.Say Submit
11.If you get message of user Already exists then please choose different user name and re-submit again, Please try with unique combination to avoid this message, For an example take  your first name + ( day & month ) from the date of birth.
12.Please accept term and condition, scroll the page.
13.Now Click on accept button
14.As you accept, automatically you will be logged into IRCTC website, see your name at top right corner.

So now we can say sign up has done successfully and you can make now Reservation from the website and can make payment online.

Online Railway Ticket Reservation from IRCTC :- Example – Lucknow to Delhi

1. Login into IRCTC System with your username and password.
2. At the left corner, you will see a Plan My Travel.
3. Type from –Start with 3-4 Initial words, for an example If you are typing luck for Lucknow then you will get the list of all Lucknow stations, choose your station with station code.
4. Type To – Start with 3-4 Initial words, for an example If you are typing Del for Delhi then you will get the list of all Delhi stations, choose your station with station code.
5. Choose Date- Choose date of journey when you want to travel.
6. Ticket Type –

i) E-Ticket –: E-Ticket is simply we called a Print Paper Ticket which we can carry when only we have confirmed reservation and it will be considered invalid or as a without ticket in case of status is waiting  and your seat is not confirmed or Not a R.A.C.
We can take online print of e-ticket anytime before travelling, we can cancel E-Ticket any time from the Internet itself as per terms conditions and rules of train departure.The Booking can be done up to chart Preparation approximately 4 to 6 hours before departure of train.

ii)I-Ticket -: Having I -Ticket ticket you can travel, even if you have status of reservation is waiting, IRCTC will send this ticket at your address. It can cancel only from Railway Reservation counter. We cannot take online print out of I-ticket from IRCTC website.

7.Quota –
  i) General – :This Quota is available for all the people.
                ii) Tatkal – :  This quota is available and used prior to 3 days of Travel Date.
                iii) Ladies -: This Quota is available to ladies only, not for men.
8. Click On Find Trains Button
9. See Train Name and Right side choose reservation classes from Radio circles.
10. As You choose Radio circles , You will get the status of Availability of a reservation in case of 1A(First  AC), FC, 2A (Second AC), 3A( Third AC ), CC, SL ( Sleeper Class ) , 2S.
10. Availability Box also has link of Book Button, if you want to book the ticket – click on book button.
11. Enter Passenger Details – Enter Full Name, Age, Sex, Berth Preference, if Senior Citizen select the check box.

India Railway Ticket Reservation - Passenger Details
 Passenger Details

12. Click on Go button
13. Your Ticket Details will be shown, Click on now Make Payment.
14. Choose Any option from Credit Card, Net Banking or Debit Card.
15. If you chosen net banking , then choose your Bank and make payment  using Internet banking Username and password.
16. As payment done, your ticket will be displayed with confirmed or waiting status.

If you have chosen I-Ticket then you have to mention your address, the ticket will be reached at your address but In case of e-ticket you can take directly print out from Print Ticket option available on IRCTC Website.

Take Print of E-Ticket From IRCTC Website –

  • Login in IRCTC Website.
  • Click on Print Ticket Icon
  • Enter Your Password and Click Go
  • Select Ticket to Print  
  • Print Ticket

Cancel E-Ticket  From IRCTC Website –
  • Login in IRCTC Website
  • Click in Cancellation Icon
  • Select Ticket to cancel
  • You can cancel particular passenger from the Ticket and you may cancel all the passenger from the list, as all passengers will be cancelled your ticket will be considered cancelled and refund will be credited in 2-3 days in your bank account.

Do you Know ?

1. If  Your E-Ticket with waiting status and not confirmed even after chart preparation then Travel can not make with the same, ticket holder will be considered as a without Ticket.
2. E-Ticket with waiting status is process of automatic cancellation from IRCTC, If Ticket is not confirmed till the chart preparation and amount will be return back to your bank account through automated system and IRCTC will mail you on your Email Id.
3. I-Ticket with waiting status, you can travel in reservation coach if TC allows, this is not considered as a without Ticket.
4. If you forgot to Take Print of E-ticket then also you can travel if have a confirmed status and know your berth, You have to give only fine charges of 50 Rs to TC.
5. When you are making online IRCTC Ticket then all the details related journey sends on your mobile number, provide mobile number always while making online reservation so you can get the details on mobile too.
6. 139 is a Customer Care Number, You can get details related to Train, Platform Number, arrival Time, departure time and PNR status.

Tips for an Online Tatkal Ticket:
1.You should already know station code and you must done earlier analysis about the train before going for Tatkal.
2.If you are using any browser then go for step for step , don’t not click on any button or link while page loading in the process.
3.You should be clear about your Internet Banking details and Mobile should keep with you at this time.
4.You can make analysis and fill the Reservation form online prior to 8 AM but your browser should close at 7.55 AM, since if you have already logged and 8 AM has over then system won’t allow you to proceed, The Booking will start at 8 AM Message you will receive even 8 A.M already gone, might be you had experienced it, since it stored client system time.Anyways close the browser and open again.


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  1. Googly Media

    Hi ,
    Am really upset with IRCTC website as i had booked a ticket on this site for my native varanasi . But unfortunenatly i had to cancel my trip due to unexpected reasons . I found that i had forgot my password and was unable to login and here started by quest to cancel the ticket.
    I first wrote an email to IRCTC website and then logged a complaint at http://theindustrymeasure.com/2011/05/24/irctc-login/ . But there was response to my email and complaint and since the day of travel was nearing i was tensed as the amount was large as the tickets were 1st AC . Then i was told by my friend that IRCTC operates the call center and i tried to call them to no avail and after finally reaching the number i was faced with a rude agent who was not upto the mark in english and was mixing Hindi and English and also not understanding what i was saying . Finally he said that you need to call back as the system is slow .. After 3 more tries i got my tickets cancelled but it was a tense moment for me. I hope someone from IRCTC is listening …Please fix this asap.


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