Know Train Platform Number for Any Train

It is being easy today that you may get easily know your train platform number through smart phone by simply  installing the NTES app which is real time national train enquiry system. You need to just install the NTES app and enter the train number, you will get train related information including delay time to reach your station as well as last column shows the platform number of train platform number.

NTES also used to know how much kilometer left to reach destination, along with you can also get information about currently which station has crossed now, where are we in the train. Usually when we are in travelling in the night in the train then there  is no idea where train is reached in this case you may use NTES app it will let you know where you reach. It is easy to use and it helped me lot every time while I am travelling in the train.

NTES App Features –

1. Get to know train platform number

2. Real time Train Status where train is reached now.

3. Train Delay Status

4. Distance away from your destination station