Know Train Platform Number for All Stations Through SMS and NTES App

Indian Railway has added facility to know platform number of your train through SMS .If you are boarding the train from any of station in India then you may get easily status on your train platform number.  You need to type the train number, and STD code of city from where you are boarding in the train and send it to 139 train enquiry number. You will get live update about the train platform number. 

This is good service and you will get platform no. of any train through SMS.

Format of SMS s below – PLATFORM <5 Digit Train No.> <Station STD Code>

For e.g. PLATFORM 12012 011 and send it to 139 Train enquiry number.

If you are using the smart phone then You may install NTES app on your mobile to know the train platform number. This app is also gives real time data and live update of train and about the train platform number. You need to provide the train number in the app and you will various details about the running train including the platform number.

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