Know About Computer Name, Hostname And IP Address

First I want to let you know that Computer name is known as a Host name, now to know a computer name right click on your my computer icon or choose Start – My Computer – Right Click. Select properties as shown below.

Computer Name Properties









Click on Computer Name Tab as Shown Below :

host name









Full Computer Name “MYPCINDIA” is a Computer Name and this is also known as a Host name.

How To Change Computer Name :-

In computer name screen , there is button to change a computer name, click to Change the name of computer.

Change Computer Name :

Change Computer Name









It will show like above, give the name as you want and click OK , it will ask to restart the computer , restart the computer to take changes affect.

How to Know Computer Name using Command Window –
1. Open Run Window from Start or (Press Window Key + R )
2. Type cmd in window, your command window will open.

Cmd Window





3. Type host name and press enter, you will get the name of your computer.

Hostname Command




How to Know IP Address of Computer –
1. Open command window through Run.
2. Type ipconfig and press enter, you will get details of your network properties, IP address will be shown first.

IpConfig Command




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