Keep With You Indian Railway Enquiry Number And Toll Free Number

We have faced a lot of time that our train status is not clear and chart is not prepared yet and there are so much crowd on the station, So many people looking the same chart the it’s very difficult to look the chart to know status of a reservation seat. I want to share with you so many people do not know but now it has been very easy to get the status of your reservation only by dialing 139 from your mobile or from any phone. Just dial 139 from your mobile number and choose the language as you preferred, follow the instruction and get the status of your reservation seat, so simple .This has been very soft way to check the status of your seat, platform number, arrival time and departure time and other stuffs . Really It’s a great service for all Indians which are provided by Indian railway and IRCTC. If you want to know the platform on which platform the Train would come, this can be easily get by dialing only 139 the Indian railway customer care number.

139 customer care toll free number of Indian railway inquiry is working mostly for all the mobiles and landlines.If in any case 139  Toll Free Numbers is not working then dial these below numbers.
24×7 Customer Care Number -: 011-39340000
Mon-Sat (10 A.M-6 P.M) Customer Care Number -: 011-23345500
Save all 3 Indian Railway Customer Care Numbers
( 139,   01139340000,  01123345500) in your mobile.
There are certain SMS and Dial methods to check the status of your Train and PNR Number :-
1. Check Train Ticket Status by an SMS –
Apart from it, you can also check your Ticket status using PNR Number by simply sending an SMS.
XXXXXXXXXX  and send it to 5676747
where [XXXXXXXXXX] is a your Rail ticket PNR number.
Another method to send an SMS –
You can also directly send your PNR Number of the ticket to 5676747 . You just type PNR and PNR Number written below in bold black.
PNR XXXXXXXXXX  and send it to 5676747
where [XXXXXXXXXX] is a your Rail Ticket PNR number.
As you send the SMS, Immediately you will get reply in SMS on your mobile with your current status of the ticket.
2.Send SMS to Know Arrival / Departure inquiry of Train- Example from Delhi Station
Type AD TrainNumber StationSTDCode  and send it to 139.
For an example :
AD [XXXXX] 011
STD code is your dialing phone code.Here 011 code of Delhi and [XXXXX] is a train number.
3.Send SMS RAIL to know all methods –
 If you forgot all above methods to send SMS then You just Type RAIL and send it to 139 and you will get      the all methods for typing SMS for other requests as well.
4.Dial PNR number :-
For Delhi and Mumbai – You can dial 139 and followed by PNR number , you will be getting the status of you ticket back on your mobile itself.
example : 139 [XXXXXXXXXX] (10 Digit PNR NUMBER in place of  X )
5.Dial Train Number :-
Again for Delhi and Mumbai – You can dial 139 and followed by 5 digit train number and you will be getting status of train on Your Mobile itself.
example : 139 [XXXXX] ( 5 Digit Train Number )
Save above all details in your mobile as SMS or in your phone book so you may get relief at the Platform or while Journey.

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