ISpeech Chrome Extension – Improve Your Communication With Client

ISpeech is one of the best translators which read text and convert the text into voice. You may select content from any website and click on Icon of ISpeech, You may get audio voice of a male or female as per your setting in Chrome Extension. The SpeakIt 0.2.5 is a chrome extension which helps to read the text and you may able to understand voice. You may choose various voices as US Male, US Female, UK Male, etc. To change the voice settings , you need to go in Chrome > Tools > Extension > Speak It > Options. If you have been tired of reading on websites then you may listen audio in relaxing mood and enjoy the content of the website. This Extension is good for your readings on the website.
ISpeech Chrome Extension

Steps to Use it –

1. Install Google Chrome Extension – Click Here
2. Add to Chrome
3. Select Content from any website.
4. Click on Audio Icon of Chrome Browser.

Advantages of using it –

1. It Improves Listening Skills.
2. Make clear you pronunciations.
3. Saves Your Time.
4. If you tired in reading then you may select the content of website and listen the audio voice for the same.
5. Localized in 12 languages. You may improve listening skills of 12 languages.

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