Not Required Now to Take Print of E-Ticket, IRCTC SMS is Valid to Travel

You may travel with SMS sent by IRCTC, need not to carry a print out of your ticket now. When you book your E-Ticket then IRCTC sends you one SMS with journey details. This SMS sent by IRCTC directly which can be used in travelling and can board the train. If you are not able to search the SMS on your mobile or it got deleted from your mobile then  you may retain this SMS from IRCTC website. Only 5 times you can avail the service to Get SMS on your mobile.

When today I login to IRCTC website and tried to take a print of my ticket then I saw below message –

IRCTC SMS Valid to Travel
I thought Yes I must use Get SMS service and should Save Paper. I clicked on My Transaction > Booked History link and after entering the my password and got redirected to Book Tickets for the month. I selected the Ticket and clicked the Get SMS button, got the below message as I tried it before 3 days advance.
Get SMS allowed to use 3 days before to travel date
When I tried 3 days before the date of travel then I saw this below message which validated to use this service 5 times only, means  5 chances we have to get IRCTC SMS on our mobile.
Get SMS - IRCTC SMS count is 5 per ticket

I clicked “OK”, and an SMS sent to my registered mobile number, If your mobile number incorrect in IRCTC Profile account then first correct the mobile number in your profile then after only try this service.

When Ticket Collector asks you to show the ticket then show IRCTC SMS to him which has all the details of your journey including PNR Number.

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