Inbound and Outbound Link Increases Web Traffic

What are Inbound Links -:
Inbound links are hyper links with anchor Tag which are links of each post , related articles , useful articles , good links etc. Inbound links are links in the same blog for same links which relates to blog or website.

What are Outbound Links :-
Outbound links are called back links, are used by someone else website or domain and it is nothing but just your blog or website link, article link which is used by other publisher or web master in their Websites or Blogs. It is called also external links , If so many people refers to your Blog or Website.Then technically it will increase a number of  Page views.

How to check Inbound Links and Outbound Links for your Website or Blog :-
There are a two method to check linked with your site.

First Method ( link : url )  :- Type in link : Your Website URL , it will give the details of linked websites and your website link has been taken place on other sites.

Second Method :-
Google webmaster tool has features of providing all inbound and outbound links for your website.
1.Login in to Google webmaster Tool
2.Click on Your Site on the Web from Left menu
3.Click on Links to your Site.
4.Click on More >> to see full list.

Tool will illustrate all the internal linked pages on your site through Inbound links and it defined also outbound linked with your website.


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