How to Translate a Document, Word and Website in Your Language

It is being easy now to translate any word, sentence, website, and document in your language.
Google has made a good tool for translating any language to other language.Even he has made separate search engine for the same which shows the result in both language as you selected from the list.

I would like to focus on some features which Google has developed –

1. Translated Search –
This is same like a Google search, the two more option added into that.
a) Translated From – Select the language which you want to translate – Suppose English
b) Translate To – Select the Language in which you want to see the Result.
As you click on Translate you will get the search result in both selected languages, even when you click on translated search you would find whole website translated.

2. Translate Document –
This is also a good feature, you can upload the document and select the both language. As you click translate, instant you would see the webpage which shows the content of your document in your desired language.

3. Translate word or Sentence –
If you want to know meaning of any word in a specific language then enter the word or sentence in the text box, the tool will translate the meaning in your desired language.
Try to give any word and see the results.

4. Contribute a better translation
This is basically used if you not found meaning of any word then you can send to Google, and Google will add the word in the tool to provide you better results.

To access the Tool, click below

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