How to Submit Website to Google, BING and Yahoo Search Engines

How to Submit Website to Google

It’s a free URL submission to Google, Bing and Yahoo, if you have created your own website and want to be indexed pages of your website then you can submit URL to Google search engine, Google will crawl your site in couple of days and your site will be displaying in Google search.

To get this done you need to simply click here –
You need to enter the website or blog URL, it should not contain the any page it should be like only .You can provide a little description of your website in comments and then enter shown letters in the box, click on add URL, and congratulation you have submitted your website to Google. Google doesn’t make any promise that your website will be indexed but at the most cases indexing websites for Google search engine, have a little patience and wait for a couple of days, you can check on that your site has been indexed or not , to test this just type in
site: and you will be seeing the list of your crawled / indexed pages by Google Search Engine.

Submit Website URL to BING Search Engine :-
You can submit website or Blog URL to Bing search engine which is owned by Microsoft.

Submit Website URL to Yahoo Search Engine :-
If you want to submit Website URL to Yahoo search Engine then you need to register first or you should have have login user of


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