How to Sign Up in Google Adsense Account

Following initial points need to be check before signup with the Google adsense account-
1. You should have a blog or your owned website.
2. Content of blog or site must be unique, should not come under copy right violation.
3. Blog or site should display valuable contents for the visitors.
4. 9-10 unique visitor should see daily your web site or blog and also the posting or articles should be beneficial for your visitors.
5. You should read carefully all the Google adsense term and conditions before applying the account.
6. If you have your owned domain site then it is some what easy and good to get easily approval from Google, if you don’t then your blog also fits to take the approval.
7. After creation of your blog or hosting of your site, wait for at least 6 months for the good quality of the your blog or site then after only apply for the Google adsense account since Google is checking quality site for the indian publisher and also it takes time for the google to index of your site in search engine.
So avoid filling the Google adsense account form just after your hosting of the domain or creating of the blog.
8. Try to write blog or site as you think with new and wonderful approach, do not copy the contents from the other site or blog.
9. Your Site home page should be approachable to reach each navigation link and all the link should be proper navigated.
10. Run spell check before the posting any article.
11. You should give your proper address where you cheque will be delivered.
12. For the quality purpose , The google has restricted to Indian Publisher to submit the adsense account before 6 months from  your site creation date.
13. Google is approving adsense account for the single page also in the US , However for the Indian publisher minimum 10 post or 10 pages are required for taking approval.
14. Self review once your site before applying the google adsense account, you should satisfy first yourself.

If you fulfill all above initial conditions, then only apply for Google adsense account.

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