How to Put Google Language Translator on Your Blog or Website

Today bloggers or webmasters want to connect to audience world wide, They want audience from each country in huge numbers but each country language is different then how you connect to them.Now Google has done the tremendous resolution Google Language Translator Tool to connect to the people who are speaking in different languages and from different country.It will translate your language in audience specific language.We need to put Google language translator simply on our website or blog.
3 Steps you need to follow to put the Google Language Translator on your blog or website –
1.Choose your default language which you want to show in your blog or website.
2.Copy the HTML / Script Code from Text Box.
3.Paste HTML/ Script Code in your blog as new widget or in website in HTML section on the top.
4.You can see also option settings to display Google Language translator in your way.

To get the HTML code for Google Language Translator , Please click below.


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