How to Put Google Adsense HTML / Script in Website or in Blog

There is little tricky to put Google Adsense code in blog or website, if you have little knowledge of HTML then it is not a big deal to put Adsense code script but if you are not aware of html , please read little about HTML.I am taking few steps to put the Google Adsense script code in website or in blog.
  • Login in Google Adsense Account ( ) with your username and password. 
  • Go in Adsense Setup Tab.
  • Click on Get Ads Tab.
  • Choose Adsense for Content setup.
  • Select Ad Unit Type from i) Text and Image Ads ii) Text Ads only iii) Image Ads only
  • Choose any format which fits to your blog or website.
  • Choose colors – select any default palette and can see sample of selected palette, if you don’t like any palette then you can put your own palette through custom palette option and pick colors as you want.
  • Fonts – You can select fonts and fonts family as per your requirement.
  • Corner style – Border corner style can be changed choosing these options.
  • If you have created the channels then select the channels or add new channel.
  • Click continue 
  • Click on Submit and GetCode button.
  • Your Adsense unit has been saved, you can use this code.

Now How to put the Adsense code in blog or website –

  • Copy the generated code 
  • Paste a code inside <body></body> tag or create a new div Tag <div></div> and paste the code inside the code.
  • HTML code will be looking like this 

  • If you are user then convert double quotes to single quote.
  • Paste generated / copied code in HTML / script widget.
  • Republish the website or blog and you will see the Google ads on your page.

For more details See Demo – Published by Google


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