How to Protect Your Credit Card From Online Fraud

This is time to shop online anything. The online shopping has become easy simply because it saves both time and money. As online shopping is becoming easy for the peoples.Other side some peoples are trying to advantages from that, for them online shopping simply to steal card information for fraudulent use not more than that.They are trying to get the credit card  information and your personal information from the online. But I would like to tell you this is not easy for them if you are sincere while shopping.

If you are going for online shopping then you need to know that there is risk that credit card information can be hacked when you making payment online. Due to this reason, you need to make safe yourself with the knowledge in order to fail a credit card fraud.

To protect your credit card sensitive information, Please go through with simple steps.

1.You need to make sure that the website you are visiting have taken steps to secure all card information.

2.Check if the encryption icon is active as well as check if the website address is secured.

The encryption icon can be found at the bottom of the page you are viewing. The icon looks like a padlock. If the padlock is opened, it means that the page is not secure. If it is locked, it means that the information you provide will be encrypted, making it hard for hackers to retrieve your details. On the other hand, a secured website address always starts with “https”, not the regular “http”.

3. You need to read and understand the terms and conditions that may apply once you use your credit cards. Always check the billing statement each month and look for any unexpected entry in the bill. If such entry occurs, report it immediately to Credit Card Bank. Block your credit card and take a new credit card from the bank.

4 Apart from reading a Credit Card terms and conditions, always read the website’s policy before you start shopping. Think 2-3 times before you start filling out the online data form.

Analyze exactly where all the information will go which you are providing. Is it better to take sensible steps rather than risk exposing your personal and sensible information to hackers?

5. Take print screen of your order and note down the website URL, from where you did the online shopping.

Finally I would say online shopping is good way to save your time and Money, However make healthy precautions while doing online shopping.


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