How to Opt VIKALP option for Waiting Status Railway Ticket

Indian Railway has just launched a option named VIKALP to get confirmed ticket on same route on same charges in different train. Once you will be opt VIKALP option you will be eligible to get confirmed ticket in other trains also. Once you getting a confirmed ticket in other train you will get notified through an SMS to accept this confirmation and as you confirmed it then you will be eligible to travel in different train and chart will be pasted for you in other trains and you will not be eligible in original train after once you are confirmed  this offer.

So this option facilitates to get confirmed ticket from other train which has started at trail basis for Delhi-Lucknow route and Delhi-Jammu route, basis on feedback from people it may apply across country.

As per this facility, there would be no extra charges and no refund will be provided for the difference of fare.

The separate chart will be prepared for the transferred passenger in other train and original train’s chart will not have name of passenger.

Steps to Opt VIKALP Option – 

1. Login in Your IRCTC website

2. Click on Booked History Ticket

3. You will seeing the option of opt ‘Vikalp’ as shown below –