How to Make ISO file Bootable DVD or Bootable Pen Drive

What is ISO File -:

ISO Files is single file which has collection of all required files for a installer. If we want to make ISO file bootable DVD or bootable pen drive then we can use a tool called Windows USB/DVD Download Tool. It is free of cost from Microsoft, you may download it easily.

How to Use  Windows USB/DVD Download Tool – :

Step 1 – Download form here – Click below link

Step 2-  Install the windows usb dvd download tool

Step 3Now run windows usb dvd download tool, Choose Windows ISO file and follow the next steps-


You may download a Windows from Microsoft Store at free of cost. If you have downloaded an ISO file, then do not worry, you can create a bootable file from a DVD or USB drive using Windows USB/DVD Download Tool in simple and easy steps. Once You have copied the windows files from ISO file, you would be able to install your windows from DVD or Pen Drive.

How to install Windows -:
Suppose you have make bootable for windows 7 or windows 8.1, now When you are ready to install Windows, simply insert the USB drive or DVD in you laptop or computer and then run Setup.exe from the root folder from the pen drive or DVD.

This will allow you to install Windows onto your machine without having to first run an existing operating system.

If you change the boot preferences of your drives in the BIOS of your computer, then when you restart the system then it will directly take the installation from USB or DVD.