How to Make Blogger Template Mobile Supported

Have you visit your blog or website on mobile, have you noticed loading time, navigation and visualization of blog on Mobile.The Blogger has setting to convert the blog into a mobile template, when you set the settings then the blog will be displayed on mobile with other version of temple and will have a different look and feel.The blog will load fast on the mobile and will be also very easy to navigate on mobile.

When anyone will navigate your blog on mobile then mobile template will be used instead of web template, and for the Internet web template will be used, It means from now the blog will be converted in two templates web Template and mobile Template.

Make Blog Mobile Supported
How to Convert Blog into Mobile Template :-
1. Login in
2. Go in Setting Tab > Email & Mobile
3. Choose Yes, to display Mobile Version of Template and see Mobile Preview of the Blog.
4. Enter any Secret word if asked.
5. Save Settings.
If you don’t feel good look and feel on mobile then you can choose anytime “No”, to make further use of web Template for mobile users.
To test, see mobile preview or visit your blog on mobile.
Note : This setting will change look and feel on Mobile device only and other then mobile the template will be used same as earlier.

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