How to Increase Website Traffic

There is required so much hard work to increase website traffic, read below good points which will help a lot in increasing a website traffic.

1. The number of posting should be regular and increase your posting week by week or month by month but it should be consistent in posting and quality of each post.

2. Join communities on the Orkut and post your blog or site URL to join the site as reader.

3. Before posting ant topic just think little about a title of the post and the story which you are going to post, think as you are visitor of the site and searching the same article on the internet then to find it what we need to do , which keyword and sentence I need to type in the Google search box.

4. Join Related Forum as per your site or blog and regularly discuss the post or problem in the forum, for the reference give your Site Name or Blog Name in the forum post.

5. Weekly check you’re Google or RSS Reader analytics, how many visitors are visiting the daily site or how many visitors has been subscribed as a reader feed for the today in your blog or site feeds. It will build your analysis skills for which idea or approach is increasing the number of the visitors to your site or blog.

6. Check your blog or site is indexed or not.

7. Use Twitter for Promotion, post tweets with good articles which makes value to the followers.

8. Dig your new post to

9. Do free and local ads of your site, login in related sites and post your ad.

10.When your site contains more than 12 -15 pages then submit your site or blog URL to search engines for indexing of your site.

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